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The Quick Wit Staffer
Give him a second or two and Vaughn can turn anything into a joke. Since joining Lush in March 2018, he is all about the customer experience. In fact, Jill Clements recalled having “a blast” on her very first pedicure here. He was “very funny,” she wrote, and a neat addition to the Lush team.

Before Lush, Vaughn worked at a salon in Powell for almost four years, and counted many as personal clients. Among them was Kelly Williamson, who followed him to Lush a few months later because she couldn’t find a worthy replacement. “I need a professional,” she laughed. Clients like her are why Vaughn loved to take emergency appointments on his off days. In this customer service business, loyalty is a two-way street. If they have time, he has time. If they drive 20 minutes for an appointment, he’ll be there.

Starting this summer, Vaughn is on a quest to take his customer service practices to the next level. His personal clients will enjoy a new product line few other salons in Columbus would offer.