Hand Services

Acrylic                                                                          Manicures

Solar/Pink & White                                                           The Basic Hand                17

              New Set                   Price vary                     Add Shinny Buffing finish    5

              Fill/Balance                     Price vary                     The Gel Hand                    32

Pink                                                                                   Add Shellac brand colors   3

              New Set                       Price vary                     Add Gel take-off      3

              Fill/Balance                     Price vary                     Add French tip                    5

              Overlay                           Price vary                     Add Deluxe treatment       8

Clear                                                                                  Add Parafin Moisterizer 10

              New Set                         Price vary                  Just Gel                 Price vary

              White Tips Set               Price vary                     Just Polish                         10

              Fill/Balance                    Price vary                      Just Gel take off               10

Cut/trim                                             3                             (Manicure for under 10) 12

Just take off                                      15     

Repairs                                           3/ea-UP                Dip Powder

                                                                                              New Set                Price vary  

Waxing                                                     Add extension                    5

Eyebrows                                            10                            Add French Tip                   5

Lips                                                       8                            Add Manicure                     5

Others                                         Please ask

                                                                  All services are non-refundable