World Cup steals our clients

Last Sunday we watched the 2018 World Cup uninterrupted for an hour. No clients; just the TVs. Did anyone know we open on Sundays? Of course they knew. But many were next door, at Average Joe’s, shouting in ecstasy over a beer. One of our colleague, Vicky, also had the day off. Every four years, she would watch the games at a bar with her husband. Everyone expected a riveting match. We got an unbelievable beautiful game.

Lush staffers often bragged about coming to work on a day few salons would open. It’s true! Every Sunday is our best chance to meet and impress the new clients. They came to us because their usual nail techs stayed home. Boy, didn’t we envy our rivals on this one day? They got to see the whole thing while we watched in bits and pieces.

At half-time, France led Croatia by 2-1. Then came a wave of the pedicure clients. Somehow, we missed France extending that lead to 3-1, and then 4-1. Somehow, we even missed Croatia’s desperate grasp for some control of the game. By the time they got to 2-4, we realized how much fun Vicky must be having right then.

A bit more World Cup, please

If you like soccer like we do, there are many things to read now that the best summer games are over. We can relive the moments. Or guess how great France can be if they can just go all out. This squad could win the next 8 years. Watch the video below to see why France produces so many great players in this World Cup.

The video also provokes reflections about the darker side of immigration. Adam Gopnik of the New Yorker reminded readers that the same “ghettos” these stars came from were also breeding grounds for ethnic resentments. It’s a lot to think through. But the saddest part, though, isn’t the fact that The United States’ men squad failed to qualify. It’s that there are no more World Cup games until 2020. Go go Women’s World Cup!