Dipping Powder: A guide to everything you need to know

We compile 5 burning questions about the exciting future of Dipping Powder nails fashion

Lush has over 150 dipping powder colors.
Lush has over 150 dipping powder colors.

To date, Lush Nail Bar is one of the few salons in Columbus that provides the all-new Dipping Powder service. We’re certain there will be more salons jumping into the act and more colors to choose from. At the same time, we realize not everyone is prepared for this trendy wave, so we put together this multi-part primer.

Part one answers five of the frequently-asked questions to get you familiar with this awesome product. In part two, we post some of our fine works so you can see what could be done.

Finally, part three is where YOU can help us. In the submission form, you can ask us anything about dipping powder, tell us about your experience with this service, or if you’d like more features like this in the future. We’d love to hear from you.

Five Frequently-Asked

What is Dipping Powder and what can it do for me?

  • Think of it as a color powder that goes on and protect on your nails with the similar strength as acrylic, but comes off as easily as gel polish.
  • We have over 150 colors and the average time for each service is about 1 hour.

I often get acrylic. Why should I try Dip Powder?

  • Unlike acrylic, dipping powder is thinner by design.
  • The color is built-in, so no need for additional polish color layers above the hardened powder.
  • Also, we love that everything is air-dry. Because of that, there is no nauseating purple liquid chemical fume to inhale!
  • Most important is how acrylic doesn’t age gracefully. The particle is at least six months old by the time it moves from the cuticle line to the finger tip. Because of that, old acrylic is more prone to fracture and breakage as time goes on. With Dip, every particle is fresh, every time.

I often do gel polish. Should I try Dip Powder?

  • If your nail plates are thin and fragile, then the service is for you.
  • Keep in mind, the amount of dip colors is nowhere near gel polish.
  • Lush has more than 150 dip colors while stocking more than 300 gel polish colors.

What can Lush do with Dip Powder?

  • Solid and glitter colors.
  • French tips.
  • Classic “Pink and White” look.
  • Nail tip extension that could be paired with custom tip shapes like Coffins and Stilettos.

Got it. Now, what’s the process for Dip Powder?

  • If you never had them on before, the session would take an average time of 45 minutes.
  • First, a nail tech will trim and clean up the nail surfaces.
  • Next, they’d apply the glue all over the nail plate and immediately dip that finger into the color powder jar.
  • Then, it’s onto the next finger. Rinse and repeat for the remaining nine.
  • When all is dry, the nail tech will run a drill on top of the powder to smooth and thin it out. (Watch it all here)
  • To remove the hardened dip powder, we simply file it thin, wrap a foil around the nail plates and wait for dip to melt—a cool thing to watch. (See this video)

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Our Work Samples

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First-timers’ feedback

The dipping process is easy on – easy off. No mess, no fuss. I found that it stayed on longer than gel. I was extremely satisfied with the dipping process. — Jan Peterson

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