Lush and Average Joe’s: Friends with benefits

One Saturday a week ago, Stacy and her cousin (above) decided that after a long winter hibernation, they needed a pedicure together. They called Lush to reserve a 2 p.m. slot. When they arrived, we were a bit behind schedule. Instead of just waiting, Stacy and her cousin went next door and ordered a bucket of beer and ciders from Average Joe’s.

Next thing we knew, our friend Abby, who co-owned the bar, said she’d give a 10% discount to all future Lush customers on a special menu that includes munchies like chips and humus.

Two friends and a bottle of rose
Two friends and a bottle of rose

So how does it work? Grab a friend, or two, or five. Check in with us. Then go next door and present a special pass (coming soon) for an awesome 10% off (more details soon).

It’s that easy. What a perk!