This new pedicure product gets us all excited!

Just last week, we tried out a new product line. It got us all so excited we had to share. The company is Voesh and their Deluxe pedicure kits are to die for. They come in ten unique scents. For the next few months, we will roll out these products on a try-out basis. And the best way to get them is to ask for Vaughn.

Pedicure with mysteries

A Tangerine Twist pedicure kit from Voesh.
A Tangerine Twist pedicure kit from Voesh.

Unlike the current pedicure product lines, these scents don’t feel overwhelming or synthetic. In fact, they are so subtle that the longer we massage your feet, the bigger the aura.

At the same time, the aroma’s body is just as complex. With the Green Tea kit, we found ourselves sniffing at the lotion for a suspicious note. Then, a client leaned over and asked us, “Did you pick up the avocado?”

With a menu of ten aromas, we understand that some might prefer fruits over floral, over vice versa. So for each rotation, we will offer one from each category. That means this July and August, we’ll feature the Tangerine and Jasmine flavors.

A pedicure kit featuring a soothing jasmine aroma.
A pedicure kit featuring a soothing jasmine aroma.

Take steps beyond

Let’s talk freshness. Each time we buy a mud masque or sugar scrub jar, we divide the content into smaller cups. Over time, each unused cups can just sits there and gets stale. This is painfully obvious during the slow winter months. The new pedicure kits come in sealed pouches to lock in the scent.

And yet, every major brand packs them in the big jars. These global players—Qtica, CND, Cuccio, and OPI—are so dominant that most salons in Columbus carry them without second thoughts. That means no matter where you go for your feet, the experience is the same. One of the local distributors even told us she was surprised at the “slow” adoption pace.

Not anymore. Last week, Vaughn at Lush Nail Bar decided to be different. So sign up for the LushLetter. Our subscribers get special invites to test out these new pedicure kits.

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